“What can only be seen as Xtreme, the 2018 ride saw riders experience four seasons in one day. Starting in the rain at Hillcrest, the rain continued all the way through to Salt Rock where finally some light appeared around Blythedale and the clouds opened up. The rest of the morning remained cloudy, offering great riding conditions. But the mud from the previous nights rainfall made for hard riding, talking its toll on the bikes.

After finally getting to the Protea Hotel at Umfolozi, the clouds closed in again and not long after the riders experienced a freak storm resulting in localized flooding. They powered on with all finally finishing in the clouds at Hilltop Camp …

Another great year on the trails, proving that this ride certainly is Xtreme! But then the cause is worth it, saving our prized Rhinos!!”

From Ubhejane Xtreme 2018. Posted by Ubhejane Xtreme MTB Challenge on 12/09/2018 (125 items)

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