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uBhejaneX is a non profit organisation working towards saving the plight of the rhino’s since 2014.

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Who is ubhejanex?

uBhejaneX is a registered non-profit organisation, which aims to raise funds to facilitate rhino conservation, interventions aimed at eliminating rhino poaching and securing the white and black rhino populations in South Africa.

Rhino’s in crisis

South Africa is one of the last countries with a significant population of rhinos in the wild. However, more rhinos are being poached than are being born, resulting in a rapidly declining rhino population, with more than 5 000 rhinos poached in the last five years. This can largely be attributed to the demand, mainly from the Far East, for rhino horn, due to its supposed medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. As a result, there has been an explosion in the illegal trade of rhino horn.

  • One rhino is killed every seven hours by poachers in Africa
  • Shockingly, less than 28,000 wild rhinos survive in the world today
  • 90% of the black rhino population has been lost in the last 40 years
  • Rhino horn is worth $25,000/kg on the black market
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How have we helped?

Money raised from donations and sponsors goes towards towards the plight of the rhinos in South Africa.

Sponsors are an important part to this organisation. We are totally reliant on donations and sponsors to fulfil our objectives and run this event.

uBhejaneX has raised in excess of R2 million since inception. All those involved in organising the event do so on a voluntary basis and receive no remuneration for their time and effort.

Help The Rhino's


Facilitate training of conservation rangers.

The rhino dehorning process is carried out by an experienced veterinarian and is a painless experience for the animal under sedation.

Working collaboratively with and for the community.

Supplying various enforcement agencies with thermal imaging equipment. Supplying uniforms and other equipment to rangers.

Saving injured or poached rhino’s.

The care and rehabilitation of rhino calves orphaned by poaching.

fun fact

These brilliant beasts are known for their awesome, giant horns that grow from their snouts – hence the name “rhinoceros’, meaning “nose horn”. Javan and Indian rhinos have one horn, where as the white, black and Sumatran rhinos have two.

Help the rhino’s


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