Born under African skies from a missionary family Kingsley’s adventures started at a young age. Countless hours spent on his father’s lap, he was enthralled by stories of the great Victorian explorers.

This soon led to many missionary journeys with his parents far into the wilds of Africa and even the old Belgium Congo and was to plant the seed for Kingsley’s own epic journeys of discovery.

No other group of adventurers have in a single journey traversed the entire outline of the African continent through 33 countries; completed a South to North journey from the Cape of Good Hope to Alexandria and the mouth of the Nile, followed an East to West crossing along the Zambezi and Congo Rivers in the footsteps of early explorers Livingstone and Stanley, and then a series of unique world first wild journeys that allowed the Kingsley Holgate Africa Foundation backed expedition team to embrace every country on the African continent to include her island states.

But after countless expeditions it was time to give something back to the people of Mama Africa. For the Kingsley and his team it was about finding a cause close to their hearts and truly making a difference to the lives of so many rural Africans. And so the Kingsley Holgate Foundation was formed with the humanitarian initiates of malaria prevention, water purification and Rite to Sight spectacles for the poor sighted.

United through a passion for nature, culture and community, the Kingsley Holgate Foundation is also strongly linked to conservation across Africa.

With what is being described as the deadliest time yet for Mama Afrika’s rhino and elephant populations, the Kingsley Holgate Foundation is moving in to help. In South Africa the rhino poaching epidemic has reached the shocking levels of one rhino being killed almost every day, whilst the slaughter of elephants elsewhere in Africa continues unabated.