Cochran aims to take uBhejane Xtreme MTB challenge even further

CochranLiggottHaving done his first uBhejane Xtreme MTB Challenge last year, Hillcrest cycling enthusiast Ewan Cochran has set himself a massive target of completing 2000 km on a bike to contribute to the annual Project Rhino fundraiser.

Cochran, who is more a road racer than a mountain biker, toughed out the 250km ‘Short Horn’ ride last year in testing heat, winds and ultimately thunderstorms, and the 46 year-old returned determined to do the ride again in 2018 as a personal challenge.

“I wanted to set myself a challenge,” he explained. “Whether you do the full 340km or the 250km ride, it is a long day in the saddle and a personal achievement to complete.

“Project Rhino is a great cause, so I decided to set a goal of completing 1 750km in training for the ride, and then the 250km of the actual ride to take me to a 2 000km uBhejaneX.

“It is a cunning plan to try and make a meaningful contribution to the Project Rhino fundraiser,” he added.

“I am not very good at this fundraising thing, so I am asking people to donate 20 centres per kilometre, which will only come to R400 when I complete the 2000km.

”Everything I do in training is there on my Strava account so anyone can check that I am doing the miles!” he chirped.

Cochran’s gruelling training regime involves three days training on an indoor static bike at Cadence Cycling Performance Centre in Hillcrest, doing 60 kilometres a day, and then riding 50km each Friday, 100km every Saturday and 60km on Sunday. “Then I head for the couch for a day,” he said.

“It is a personal challenge, but the fundraising side is suddenly taking off and become a double motivator for me, because I know feel that every kay I ride is making a difference to the Project Rhino programmes, which keeps me going.”

He can be reached via his Facebook page