Frequently Asked Questions

How fit do I need to be?
The 340km and 240km ride are a long way and a solid base of fitness is required. We strongly suggest that you chat to Cliff Wills (email to discuss your level of fitness and which ride is best for you.

How fast will be be riding?
It is an essential part of this event that it is a ride and not a race. Every ride will have a group leader who’s job it is to set the pace and EVERY Rider is expected to ride at that pace. Riders that insist on racing ahead will be taken off the ride. Anyone battling at any stage (and this is not uncommon) can opt to get into one of the sweep vehicles for a while.

Guide ride paces are available on each route page on this website. These are provisional suggested paces for each group.

Please note that we reserve thew right to alter these paces depending on the weather conditions on the day (wind, rain, heat) and even, if necessary, alter the routes and distances for your safety.

What does it cost?
There is no entry fee  as such but you will need to make a payment that covers the cost of your accommodation and breakfast, your kit and the costs of the support vehicles.
All the one day rides : R1250. Three day ride : R2000.

Then, you  MUST meet you obligations as part of the fundraiser for Project Rhino. That is after all why we are doing this! Every rider must try to raise R5000 each – that is the whole point of this exercise.

Nutrition and hydration
Everyone has different preferences for food on a long ride and what they drink, so plan accordingly. We will have fixed watering points every 30km along the way where you can get fresh water and some basic food. Any specific food and fluid intake needs should be provided by yourself. It is your responsibility to make sure your food and drink is packaged in a soft cool bag and placed in the correct vehicle at the start of the days ride.

You are encouraged to have your own seconding vehicle on the day. This vehicle will be able to access the fixed seconding points along thew way. Note that your vehicle will not necessarily be able to follow you on the ride route.

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