uBhejaneX Cultural Day

A day dedicated to bringing the community together and raising funds for Rhino conservation.

Three years ago, an annual potjie kos competition was initiated as an additional uBhejaneX fundraising event, and this has similarly seen great success.

This year we have decided to build on our potjie kos event – strengthening it with our UBhejaneX core values: by the cycling community… for the Rhino… about Rhino conservation. We plan to host a vibrant day of mountain biking and potjie kos team cook-off, appealing to a wide range of participants to raise more funds – the uBhejaneX Cultural Day.

The cycling community in KZN has taken off over the last decade. At the same time there is a growing appetite amongst the public for fun outdoor team activities – especially since the disruptions of COVID. We have proven this demand with our annual potjie kos competition.

Our Vision

Our vision is to combine the potjie – one of South Africa’s quintessential heritage activities – with mountain biking – one of the country’s most popular sports. Cycling and other corporate team events used to be very popular, and with the increased call for outdoor and team building activities, we are planning to cater for everyone from the serious athlete to the weekend warrior, family teams, corporate teams, and food lovers.

Join Our Cultural Day

Potjie Competition

Join our annual potjie competition to see who can make the best potjie! Are you ready to join?


Mountain Biking

Take part in our two MTB events held at our Cultural day to raise money for Rhino conservation.