Dear Friend of uBhejaneX,
We have taken the tough decision to cancel this year’s cycling uBhejane Extreme Mtb event. There have been a few factors shaping this decision, the principal among which is that we have not been able to secure a major sponsor. We truly apologise for the inconvenience and disappointment – it certainly is very disappointing for the organisers to take this step. We are discussing novel approaches for managing and sponsoring the ride going forward and are confident that these plans will ensure a successful event in 2024.
Please call Cliff (27 83 253 0762) or Conrad (+27 82 451 2410) if you have already entered (we will refund entry fees) or have other questions. 
Note that this only applies to the main MTB challenge fundraiser. uBhejane is still a functioning NPO, and the Poitjie Kos competition will GO AHEAD as planned on the 28th October. 

The Xtreme MTB Challenge is the primary fundraising vehicle for the uBhejaneX NPO. It is arguably the toughest one-day MTB ride in South Africa, taking place annually in November. Funding into rhino conservation comes from two sources: donations secured by participants; and direct funding from corporate sponsors, foundations, and private donors.

All conservation funds raised through the uBhejaneX MTB Challenge will be channelled to selected initiatives. These initiatives will help in saving the rhino population and rehabilitation. Along with partnered NPOs, we will provide necessary financial feedback, highlight the impact of funding and how the donations have helped make an impact, media material (photographs and video footage) and donor feedback.

The Rides


The event has no entry fee and is a self-supported ride. Each participant must supply his/her own nutrition and hydration for the duration of the ride. In past years, participants have had four distances to choose from to cater for cyclists of all abilities – all routes finishing at Hilltop Camp in Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve.

This year there will be four options for riders: 

The Baby Horn

The Baby Horn is +-100km from Empangeni to Hluhluwe Hilltop. The ride will begin at 8am and take approximately 8hours.

This group of riders will be of an average pace of 12,5km/h to 15km/h.


The Short Horn

The Short Horn is +-270km from Tiffany’s shopping center to Hluhluwe Hilltop. The ride will begin at 2am (weather dependant) and take approximately 16 hours.

This group of riders will be of an average pace of 18km/h.


The Long Horn

The Long Horn is approximately +-350km from Cadence Hillcrest to Hluhluwe Hilltop. The ride will begin around 12am and take approximately 18 hours.

This group of riders will be of an average pace of 20km/h to 21km/h.


The 3 Day Ride

The Three Day Ride is approximately +-350km from Cadence Hillcrest to Hluhluwe Hilltop over 3 days. It spans the same route as the classic Long Horn, with overnight stops along the way. This will be a fully supported ride and will be an average pace of 15km/h.

Additional Information

What is the cost?

Participants are expected to raise R2750 to cover the event costs and the cost of their participation which includes accommodation at the finish, plus a R2250 or more donation to support rhino conservation activities.

(Please note – the three-day event has additional accommodation costs)

What is included in the cost?
  1. Accommodation, dinner and breakfast on the night after the ride.
  2. A goodie bag with a cycling shirt, socks and more.
  3. Professional Photographs.
  4. Event indemnity and insurance for participants.
  5. Medical support personnel who follow the event as well as emergency evacuation.
  6. Support vehicles.
Where does our money go?

The riding fee includes riding kit, dinner, bed and breakfast, supporters fuel, uBhejaneX admin costs, bank fees and of course the Rhinos. Additional, we encourage you to raise money for the Rhinos. The more money you raise, the more you help the rhinos.

Is there accommodation?

At the end of the ride, we will have a dinner at the finish. Every rider will get dinner, bed and breakfast with their entry. Additional accommodation is available upon request. Space is limited.

How fit do I need to be?

As these rides are intended to raise money for the Rhino’s and be a ‘fun’ ride, we will be riding as a group and not racing. All of our rides are fully supported and we will have support vehicles following us. uBhejaneX shall not be held responsible for any loss or injury during the ride. Should you wish to chat to us more regarding fitness leaves, please email us on